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about me

It’s true what you heard. I wear a lot of hats and do all the things. I’ve been this way my whole life and have finally come to embrace the lifestyle that allows me to pursue lots of different passions, simultaneously!

Doula, Web Developer, and ESL Teacher, Kim Baxley Wilson has over five thousand followers across WeChat, Facebook and Instagram. With over 30 years of experience, she can help you identify your goals and needs, and help you find ways to achieve them in the birthing, internet, and ESL worlds.

As a doula, Kim has attended births in and out of hospitals in Georgia and Alabama since 1997. In 2014 she added birth photographer to her resume and began caputuring priceless memories of her clients’ most intimate moments. You only get one chance at each birth and Kim brings her years of experience with ther birth process, as well as her technical skills as a photographer, to help unobtrusively create images that will last forever.

Kim built her first website in 1994 using the tools available at the time. She quickly realized the limitations of using prepackaged site builders and took on the task of learning to code in html. As a teacher in the continuing education department at the local university, she was able to help students learn the basics of web development and working with existing code to create sites to meet their needs. As a statistician, she also worked with a globally recognized social media company to help track trends for top international clients.

Her love of teaching led her to become a partner with VIPKid (now VIPTeacher) and has helped her to create bonds with families all over the world. She currently teaches ESL and ST math to students of all ages (K4-adult) in the US, China, Korea, and Japan, via the VIPTeacher platform.

Kim On-Camera

Being a photographer married to a photographer means lots of opportunities to be in front of and behind the camera. As a plus sized model, Kim enjoys being able to create body positive and provocative images for her clients and herself.

Kim is also in a band…

Make sure you sign up for more information to learn about the upcoming debut of Three Hour Tour!

Kim is also a talented makeup artist…

In addition to being a certified wedding planner, Kim is also a skilled makeup artist who is always ready to lend a hand to get the most out of any photo.

All the Things Podcast

Want to hear me rant about random and disjointed things? This is the place. Gen X? I got you. Birthworker? I’m in your corner. Mom of adults? I’m the one. Got a spouse that you love who drives you crazy? Me. Too.

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Whether it’s photography, copy, music, or AI (or any combination thereof), having the right content can change your project from boring to brilliant.

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