Jill of All Trades: Nailing it with Sass and Class!

I’m a Gen X early adapter of social media and a crunchy mom of four…mostly unintentionally.

Mastering the art of dabbling in everything, my mission is to rock the realm of versatility. I’m here to juggle, experiment, and excel in a multitude of skills, always ready to surprise, inspire, and make ‘jack of all trades’ sound like a compliment. I’m your friendly neighborhood multi-talent, spreading creativity and cheeky wisdom, one skill at a time.

Embracing Versatility, Creating Excellence

To prove just how comfortable I am with the use of new technology, lots of things on this page were created with GPT4. I’m a big fan of using AI in ways to spark creativity and inspire artists to broaden their horizons and try new things. (And this part was NOT written with AI!)

Kim Baxley Wilson

Doer of All the Things

Why settle for just one passion in life? Live them all and let your kids sort it out in the end.

Lifelong Musician

I have been singing all my life. I spent a very brief time as a voice performance major in the late 80s, but then focused my attention to raising musical children. Currently, I share the stage with the most talented bunch of guys I know in Three Hour Tour, set to debut in February 2024.

Followers Across TikTok, Facebook And Instagram.

Whether it’s celebrating a milestone like an engagement, a birth, a birthday, or a divorce, I love to help people tell their stories. Through photography, music, art, makeup, or just to sit down and have a good cry… I love to help people celebrate the greatness that is within them.

I strive to be the ultimate Renaissance individual. I envision a life where every endeavor, no matter how diverse, contributes to a rich tapestry of experiences. With an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and an unwavering commitment to exploration, my vision is to leave a legacy of boundless curiosity, relentless adaptability, and a world shaped by the passion and creativity I pour into every pursuit. In embracing ‘all the things,’ I seek to redefine what’s possible and inspire others to do the same, fostering a world where the human spirit thrives in the limitless realm of possibility. (AI did help with that last part!!)

My Gallery

Here are a few of my favorite images that I’ve managed to create throughout the last few years as a professional photographer.