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The Year of Realized Potential

On pretty much every single one of my report cards (except the perfection that is 1st grade) there is a note from a teacher that says, “Kim is not working up to her potential.” It became sort of a joke with my friend Valerie and I. I’m pretty sure there are some references to it on Christmas cards and yearbook messages here and there. So when it came time for me to select a theme for this year, the word potential kept coming back around.

Now you may be scratching your head and wondering…WHY are we talking about new years and such on August 1? Well….because. Steven ordered the Dragontree Planner that I’ve been drooling over for two years and I decided to start on August 1. It seemed like as good a day as any and I didn’t want to wait until September. So there.

I have taken the last couple of months off from pretty much everything but getting myself centered and back on the road to being healthy. I’ve done a lot of cleaning and organizing and exercising and… now I’m ready to hit the ground running.

You’ll notice a few changes if you see me running around. I’m likely to be sweating and enjoying it. I don’t mean any of that sweet Southern glistening, either. I mean SWEAT. I’ve been blessed with supportive friends who don’t mind meeting me at the gym at 6:00AM to keep me on track. I’ve been doubly blessed with supportive family members and friends who kick my behind DAILY on FitBit challenges.

You’ll notice that I’m trying to be more positive. The negativity in the world is all too apparent, so let’s look for the really good stuff and give it a high five whenever we can. Listen to some Jason Mraz and get in the mood with me. If you need suggestions on where to start, let me know and I’ll hook you up. Here’s a great one to start with!

You’ll notice that I’m trying to eat healthier. WHOA!!! Did I just type that?? Yep!! I’m still not eating vegetables. I probably won’t ever. BUT…I have added spinach to my salads. And this morning, I went to The Juice Bar with Tiffany and had this concoction of greens and ginger and it even had kale in it! And so much water. ALL the water. No more Dr. Pepper. I don’t even miss it anymore!

You’ll notice that I’m on my feet dancing, instead of just sitting there bouncing in the chair. I’m making an effort to get out of the house and out to listen to more live music…and to get up and ENJOY the music! As a musician, I can tell you that I love when people get up and dance and show their appreciation and enthusiasm. So as a fan, the least I can do is show how much what they’re doing is affecting me. Right?

Fifty is RIGHT around the corner, y’all. Like 108 days from now. It’s a milestone. It’s worth celebrating in a big way. But it’s also a giant wakeup call to get my butt in gear and make sure that the next 50 are as phenomenal as the first 50.

So make the decision to start fresh, if that’s what you need to do. Or make the decision to keep doing what you’re doing if it’s working for you! Or decide to start fresh each and every day! Just please…don’t get stagnant. Keep making positive steps forward. Someone is watching. Someone cares. Be the example. Be the light. Be the love.

Peace out…


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