So Close I Can Taste It


Back in March I wrote this post about getting in shape before I turn 50 in November. In true to Kim fashion, I waited til June to get started. But here’s the thing… I got started!! On June 5 I started my new life as a healthier person…physically and otherwise. This photo was taken in May when I was JUST about at my maximum weight of 295. Do I hate this picture? Heck no! It’s one of my all time favorites! I used it for a profile picture on social media for about 2 months because it’s the closest thing I’ve ever come to a serious face without looking like I’m about to take someone’s head off. I say that to let you know that I didn’t start this because I was unhappy with my appearance or because I have body issues. Quite the contrary, actually. I probably SHOULD be more concerned with my size… then things wouldn’t have gotten quite so out of hand!


Fast Forward Three Months

  1. I stopped drinking coffee.
  2. I stopped adding sugar to things.
  3. I stopped eating sweets…unless I had a REALLY good reason and a plan.
  4. I started logging my food in the Noom app.
  5. I started looking at why I was eating what I was eating.
  6. I started planning out my meals.
  7. I started planning out my days.
  8. I started planning out my week.
  9. I started planning out my LIFE.
  10. I started drinking a LOT more water.
  11. I drank more water, when I thought I had had enough.
  12. I started eating more salad.
  13. I started eating SPINACH in my salad.
  14. I started eating spinach salad.
  15. I started walking to the corner.
  16. I started walking to the end of the street.
  17. I started walking around the block.
  18. I got my bike out of storage.
  19. I got padded bike shorts.
  20. I found a gym buddy.
  21. I went back in the gym.
  22. I went back in the gym daily.
  23. I went back in the gym by MYSELF!
  24. I started doing the Planet Fitness challenges.
  25. I started doing TWO of the PF challenges.
  26. I got on the treadmill and started walking.
  27. I got on the elliptical and started walking.
  28. I got on the recumbent bike and started riding.
  29. And riding.
  30. And…. riding.
  31. I started working out with free weights.
  32. I started working out on the machines.
  33. I. DID. PUSHUPS.
  34. AND I did the assisted pullup machine!!
  35. I found out that I like juice.
  36. Even juice with vegetables in it.
  37. Even juice with ginger • apple • kale • spinach • cucumber • parsley • lemon in it.
  38. And especially juice with carrot • apple • pineapple • mint • ginger • lemon in it.
  39. I figured out that I don’t hate to sweat… as long as I’m working out.
  40. I figured out that I am strong.
  41. I figured out that I don’t hate being active.
  42. I got a FitBit from a friend. 🙂
  43. I upgraded to a different FitBit and passed the love (aka the original FitBit) along to a friend.
  44. I started getting my nails done again.
  45. I started going to births again.
  46. I started blogging again.

Now… why do I have 46 things on this list? Because I’ve lost 46 pounds. I’m SO close to that 50 pound goal that I CAN literally taste it. It’s been work. It’s been HARD work some days. There are days when I still don’t see the difference. There are days when I look in the mirror and don’t see any change at all. (Remember I have that problem of not having a negative self image? LOL)

In the words of Jason Mraz, “I am a work in progress. I’m a bit of a rough draft. I’m not done yet. I’m not final. I am a work in progress. I’ve got a few pages left. I’m still writing this self-titled track.”


So the point of all this is… if I can do it, so can you. There is no magic pill. There is no prescription for instant anything. There is work. There is dedication. There is living your life in a way that you can say at the end of the day, “I did the darned thing.”

Four more pounds… (Then we start on the next chapter!!)



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Cindy DeBall

This is so awesome Kim. So proud of you!!


Kim Wilson

Thanks, Cindy!! You’re a great motivator!!!



I am so incredibly proud of you!!


Kim Wilson

🙂 You are the one who got me started!! I love you, friend!!


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