First Milestone…Crushed It

I woke up this morning and I just KNEW this was going to be the day! A few days ago I hit the 49.5 lb mark but you know how weight fluctuates a pound or two a day. I figured I was going to have to wait a few more days until I hit 50. […]
by Kim Wilson / September 27, 2017 /In Life

Faith and Destiny

Saturday, I had the pleasure of helping Columbus Makes IT! with the library fest. I was at a table helping little kids make Pinkalicious wands and demonstrating how LEDs and batteries work together to create a closed circuit and how vellum can act like a prism. Trust me…it was very entertaining!! There was a lot […]
by Kim Wilson / September 19, 2017 /In Life

So Close I Can Taste It

  Back in March I wrote this post about getting in shape before I turn 50 in November. In true to Kim fashion, I waited til June to get started. But here’s the thing… I got started!! On June 5 I started my new life as a healthier person…physically and otherwise. This photo was taken […]
by Kim Wilson / September 12, 2017 /In Life

The Year of Realized Potential

On pretty much every single one of my report cards (except the perfection that is 1st grade) there is a note from a teacher that says, “Kim is not working up to her potential.” It became sort of a joke with my friend Valerie and I. I’m pretty sure there are some references to it […]
by Kim Wilson / August 1, 2017 /In Food, Life, Music

50 by 50

It’s no secret that this is the year that I…and most of my Raiders from the class of 85…turn 50. My best friend since 3rd grade¬†(Valerie Rieger…sitting next to me at the Donkey Basketball Game in 1985), has been posting these amazingly inspirational Facebook posts about her journey to fitness and wellness. She tags them […]
by Kim Wilson / March 15, 2017 /In Life