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Faith and Destiny

Saturday, I had the pleasure of helping Columbus Makes IT! with the library fest. I was at a table helping little kids make Pinkalicious wands and demonstrating how LEDs and batteries work together to create a closed circuit and how vellum can act like a prism. Trust me…it was very entertaining!! There was a lot of educating and learning going on, and a lot of fun.

The most important thing that happened to me all day though, was getting an undeniable sign from God that being back in the birth world is what He wants for me. If you’ve known me for more than about 2 hours, you’ve probably heard me tell the story of the night I walked into a room that I had been dreaming about for 15 years. It was a night that changed my life forever.

Recently, my beautiful (inside AND out) friend Imani said goodbye to the love of her life. We’ve touched base a couple of times, but I haven’t been able to lay eyes and hands on her since her beloved’s passing. So when a little girl named Imani sat down at my table on Saturday and absolutely refused to smile, I told her it was okay and that she didn’t have to smile if she didn’t want to because she has a right to feel any way she wants. I told her how much I love her name and how she reminded me of my friend.

Fast forward 20 minutes and there were two different little girls at the table. They were around 7 or 8 years old, and they were not related at all. Now the first significance is that they were around the age of Imani’s son Gabriel, who’s birth I attended in 2009. The second thing is that their names were… Faith and Destiny.

While I was sitting there with Faith and Destiny, I felt arms around me and a voice whispering in my ear, “I’ve missed you mama.” I knew that voice instantly. I’ve heard it laugh. I’ve heard it cry. I’ve heard it sing the song of birth. I’ve heard it wail with relief as two infants emerged from her body. It was my beautiful Imani.

I cried. I cried hard and ugly. I cried pink glitter all over my sweet friend. I asked her if she was okay and she asked me for help on a project in 2018. I asked where the babies were and she promised to send them down to see me. And when I saw them… I cried some more. I may or may not have scared the children who were at the table at that particular moment…but I assured them they were happy tears. 🙂

We ask God for guidance all the time, but do we LISTEN when He talks?

I think I’m the worst at getting the subtle hints. Thankfully He is good at hitting me over the head when He needs my attention.

When I got home I cried some more while I told the story to Steven. He held me in his arms and stroked my hair. I know it’s hard to love someone who tries to walk on faith. I watched my daddy live that way and it drove me crazy. I’m thankful that I have people in my life who don’t think I’m crazy when I tell them about my conversations with God.

What is God trying to tell you? Are you listening? If you see a couple of adorable little girls waving Pinkalicous light up wands and heading towards you… Tell Faith and Destiny I said, “Thanks.”


P.S. I totally did NOT get pictures of Faith and Destiny while they were at my table!!

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