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50 by 50

It’s no secret that this is the year that I…and most of my Raiders from the class of 85…turn 50. My best friend since 3rd grade (Valerie Rieger…sitting next to me at the Donkey Basketball Game in 1985), has been posting these amazingly inspirational Facebook posts about her journey to fitness and wellness. She tags them with #50by50. Now it’s NO secret that I could stand to get rid of my own #50by50, but it also got me to thinking about what else I could manage to squeeze in (or out) 50 of in the next 8 months.

In line with that is The Happiness Project that I’m working on with some awesome folks at ColumbusMakesIt! This month’s project is to start something (like a blog) that will help us to grow and learn new skills. Now a blog…is not new to me. I’ve been driveling on for years on the internet. (Ask in the comments and I’ll send you some links!) But trying to figure out my 50…that’s the challenge.

For now… 50 blog posts. I can do that, right? That’s like… 6 or 7 a month until my birthday. How about 50 bags of stuff out of the house to donate to a good cause? That seems doable…and healthy!

So what can you do? Well that all depends on how long you have! If you’re one of my children who is turning 30 in a few days, you have twenty years. You could visit 50 states! If you are in your early 20s, you could do 50 plays or 50 movies or 50 video games. If you’ve already passed that milestone, you can work on the next one! All goals are valid and wonderful!

Leave me a comment and tell me what you are going to do. Instagram it and use the hashtag #50by50. Tag me (@gracefully_grey) and I’ll follow you and leave you some love!

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